Enter the Kettlebell – the book in Hungarian

Enter the Kettlebell – the book in Hungarian

We see the light at the end of the tunnel…

The translation 

I have checked the book, as the book is basically done…I have to say, the translation is superb. To be honest, we also had problems with the translation. Pavel is a funny guy, and when he wrote the book, he basically made it to the USA market, and many things he says is funny…comrades, the party, the commies…etc. In Hungary…well, that is another World, and that is OK.

So, the big question was to leave all these parts in the book, or technically killing the humor in the book.  Our decision was, we stay with the original. Showing respect to Pavel…and also trying to see the ironic side of the communist era.

The feedbacks 

I am getting bunch of phone calls and emails per day on Kettlebell training.  I beleive the book will help to understand, why Kettlebell and the RKC system is so amazing tool. Already so many fixed back and shoulder, repaired body and upgraded body…Improvement in strength and stamina. Everybody reports great changes, and all those who works with RKC’s instructors never reported so far injuries. And I am not only talking about “simple” people. People with different background, like judo, kempo, bjj, km, boxing, karate, aikido. I beleive it is good to judge this program by it’s results. And the results are so far amazing.



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